Monday, February 29, 2016

How to Maintain Your LED Sign

For LED signs, exposed to rigorous environments, glaring sunlight or the curse of age, increasing the life expectancy has become a core question for owners. While LED signs enhance the popularity of your business and help get your message across to the audience, nobody wants to splurge a fortune on LED signs, only to have to replace them a few years down the road. Here are a few tips to maintain your LED sign to ensure trouble-free operation and add a few more years to its useful life:


Dirt tends to accumulate on LED signs, especially in arid, sandy climates making them dull and less effective. Wiping the signs regularly can eradicate the grime and restore their vitality. However, only a dry, lint free and soft cloth should be used for cleaning, as an abrasive material can cause lasting damage to the screen. Avoid using water, soap, window cleaner, cleaning fluids or wax but a screen cleaning solution can be purchased to remove greasy marks from the sign.

Remember to unplug the sign before cleaning it. When using a screen cleaning solution, it should always be sprayed over the cloth and never directly over the screen. Be gentle when wiping to protect the delicate screen and let it dry completely before plugging it back in.


A disabled LED sign can greatly diminish the visibility of your business so it is prudent to spot minor issues beforehand. Make a habit of routinely checking the equipment your sign uses and look for any pitfalls, such as wear and tear, reduced performance, damage, and abnormal electricity consumption, amongst other things.


Some businesses leave their outdoor or window signs switched on at all times, without affording a break. This keeps your business in the spotlight even when your doors are closed. However, unseen indoors signage can be turned off when your business closes, to reduce energy consumption and extends the life-span of the electrical components. The average lifespan of a LED sign is estimated to be about 100,000 hours, under appropriate conditions. However, during this time the the brightness of the sign will be reduced by 50%. Powering down your sign can help extend its useful life. Make a note on your opening and closing checklist, reminding employees to take care of the signs.

The images on color displays shouldn’t show pure white, or pure blue as high contrast settings cause a high current to flow. This will result in increased energy consumption and power supply temperature. Obviously, all these considerations can decrease the life of the LED display and it’s preferable you program to low contrast settings.


Be mindful of the height of installation of your LED sign, as too low a sign could make it easier for unauthorized people to tamper with it. Make sure your sign is at a perfect height, high enough to be out of reach, while low enough to be accessible to the audience.

If you have more questions about the maintenance of your LED Signs, call LED Sign Authority at 800-282-0950 for answers

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Buy a LED Display

To boost sales and enhance the popularity of your business, installing a dynamic LED sign can be a great marketing medium in the digital age. However, given the investment required, it is not an easy decision. Selection of an LED sign should be driven by the nature of the organizational goals you are trying to achieve and the finances put aside for marketing. It’s indispensable to find a reputable retailer who can deliver an impeccable combination of image quality, durability, service and cost of ownership. An informed buyer is well equipped with the necessary questions to ask and concerns to mouth when purchasing an LED display. Here’s what you should know before making the big transaction:
1) Survey Your Location
You may be in a quandary about the type of LED display you need. It is imperative to get a feel of your location and its advantages or challenges. Take a look at the signs in your neighborhood and decide how you want to stand out among existing competition. E.g. if monochrome displays are used by neighboring businesses, a full color display will set your business apart. 
Also take stock of the best lanes and streets of traffic in the vicinity, obstacles in the sign’s line of sight, best height, distance of signage from the street and viewing distance. Research the laws for electronic signs in your area. What, if any, are the restrictions? Many towns have specific regulations about the type or size of outdoor signs businesses may erect. If local rules forbid you from putting up a sign, you need to apply for a variance.
2) Determine Your Budget
Your LED sign is your foremost advertising tool. Check your advertising budget and determine you expected return on investment. It is wise to establish the amount you are willing to spend or the maximum monthly payment if you are financing. Leasing options can generally be obtained without having to indicate a specific make or model of sign ahead of time. Also incorporate the cost of taxes, permits, installation and training for your LED in your marketing expenses.
3) Know the Brand
Many companies claim to have the lowest prices and best in-stock LED signs but may end up supplying inferior product with no support. It is relevant to run a background check on the company and determine how long has it been involved in the business of digital signage. 
Another factor to consider is if the company manufactures its own signs or purchases cheap, imported ones and rebrands them as their own. You will often find faster turnaround, higher quality execution, and better pricing when working with a company specializing in LED signs for a commendable period. Always be open with your provider about the size, resolution and type of LED you have envisaged for your business.
4) Ease of Operation
Unless the owner is tech-savvy, operating the LED software for the first time can be daunting. The value of LED message centers lies in the flexibility of the medium and the ability to change messages quickly and frequently. So, it’s important that sign owners can easily create and update messages. Although the provider may claim their software is user-friendly, you won’t know till you use it yourself. Ask to take the software for a test run. Ask what’s included with the software, and take a look at the artwork they offer!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Criteria for Successful LED Sign Advertising

Effective marketing is indispensable if you want to up your business’s reputation and outdo competitors. Investing in top-notch eye-catching LED signage to promote your products and services is just the kind of exposure your company needs and is warmly taken by the public. The big question is: What does it take to make this work? How you choose to represent your business through electronic message boards could have long-term repercussions and goes far to defining it. Before you sprint to splurge hefty amounts on LED signs, here’s what you need to know to make the right decision:
1) Keep the Content Updated
There must always be fresh and updated content on your LED screen, otherwise passersby might get accustomed to it and stop looking. Even basic information, such as the temperature, the weather forecast for the next few days, the fact of the day, the name of the day, and the random quote of the day will amazingly enhance the stickiness of your LED screen.
2) Location
Always situate the LED sign at a strategic location so the audience won’t have to strain up or down or squint up to view it properly. The size and the viewing angle of the sign should be perfect to capture the attraction of the target market. Your best bet is to place the LED sign where people would have to see it, such as near a roadway, or above a doorway. 
3) Quality Hardware
While the market is swarming with retailers, promising the highest quality and color displays of LED signs, only a few come up to the mark. Make sure you do ample research before you decide on the word of a retailer. Color, pitch, resolution, software and where it is manufactured should be considered. You might be tempted to purchase a cheaper LED sign and save money, but remember a top-notch LED sign is worth investing in for long term results.
4) Easy to Use Software
For non tech-savvy business owners, working with an LED display can be intimidating and it is thus imperative to look for a sign that comes with user-friendly software. A trustworthy LED sign provider ensures you comprehend the operating process of your digital display and provides assistance with your first few attempts at content creation and operation. 
5) Keep it Simple
With the advancement in technology, there are a plethora of options to revamp your LED sign, including full motion video LED signs. However, the viewers have about 2 to 4 seconds to view your sign, while video LEDs take 15 seconds to get the message across. It is imprudent to install a video message when moving text displays are way more effective. For messages you want read by people who have only a few seconds to spare, stick to a red monochrome display as it catches the eye and is highly effective.
6) Content is the King
Lousy and clich├ęd promotional messages can even ruin an immaculately sophisticated LED sign and deter the trust of prospective clients. It is imperative to fabricate impressive content to capture the attention of public and elucidate your message in a welcoming light. Use the sign's content library to upload well designed messages, or hire a professional help to craft the content for your sign.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Full Color vs. Monochrome LED Displays

Often when faced with the dilemma of choosing the most appropriate LED display for your business, common sense dictates a full color display trumps a monochrome LED in favor of attraction. However, there are many factors which are involved in the decision. You need to take in to consideration your budget, the message you are aspiring to get across to your prospective audience and the nature of your advertisement, before reaching to a conclusion. Afterall, McDonald's restaurants known for their high signage budgets, still finds value in Monochrome LED displays. The question of “what is a better investment?” is presented to many potential LED sign buyers that will have long-term consequences.  Here are a few considerations to take in to account:

1) Budget

Monochrome LEDs are without a doubt, less luxurious and pricey than their full color counterparts. Outdoor Monochrome LED Signs employ a single color of LED to create text and/or graphics. The text can be tweaked to display in myriad options, like sparkle, flash, blink, and scroll, to create a message that will catch the eye of prospective customers as they approach your business.

For businesses that don’t have intimidating competition in the vicinity or are on a limited budget, monochrome LED would serve the purpose without breaking the bank. These can be changed to advertise current promotions or news, without the additional costs and at a fraction of the effort, normally associated with a traditional billboard installation.

2) Location

Look around your business to get a view of where you stand. In the placid world of manual copy boards and static signs, even a monochrome display would stand out and create quite an impact. However, if you are surrounded by high-resolution full color or video LED displays, they would overwhelm the monochrome LED of your business and make it seem rustic. The public is quite picky about where to divert their attention. If you want to deflect their attention back to you, creatively crafted content and a vibrant colored sign would give them the push to look your way.

3) Nature of Message

If the nature of your message is pure data delivery, without incorporating images, monochrome LEDs are a more prudent option. Locations like factory floors, outdoor way-finding areas, stock tickers, loading bays and security checkpoints are all great examples. However, when it comes to demanding the undivided attention of the public, full color signs are the way to go. Supporting graphics and colorful text add more meaning to the LED sign content. Using animated images and vibrant hues, a simple text advertisement is replaced with a fully branded call to action.

4) Nature of Business

There are situations where images enhance the meaning of your message, more than words ever could. E.g. a pizza place would fare better with an enticing image of a pizza slice, oozing melting cheese, than using only words for words to tempt the public. With the additional benefit of complex images via multiple color display options, in full color display, a more awe-inspiring and tantalizing message can be displayed. On the other hand, if you are in the insurance business, a mere picture can’t convince people to stop by and utilize your services, and in that case, a monochrome text display would serve the purpose better.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LED Signs for Schools

Schools need a means of instant communication with the students to operate efficiently, as they are a hotbed of activity, such as sports games, club announcements, plays, fund raisers, safety warnings, and a plethora of other events that need to be shared with the students and the parents within the community. Bid adieu to rustic blow away message boards, or flyers which are cost-intensive and might be lost, since schools are increasingly incorporating large LED display boards to increase the outreach and visibility of all important messages.

Here’s how LED signs enhance the effectiveness of communications in schools:

1. Cost-Effective LED signs
Old-fashioned marquee signs with changeable letters are not feasible anymore and are prone to theft and vandalism. Indoor or outdoor LED signs are not only attractive and easier to read, but also have a useful life of more than 10 years. As LED signs are brighter than LCD or plasma displays, while only using 10% of the energy as compared to incandescent bulbs, their animation and vibrancy attract attention and create awareness. Although the initial investment may come as a surprise, the return on investment makes up for it.

2. Display Important Announcements

LED signs enable schools to inform students, faculty, and the community about a variety of information: welcome and guide campus visitors, broadcast safety alerts, weather warnings and other safety instructions, announce any schedule changes and cancellations, promote student activities, school spirit and achievements, advertise the auditioning for extracurricular clubs, attract community members to get involved in school activities, issue public notification of school events, display motivational quotes to inspire students, flash the motto of the school to passersby and promote the school on an innovative level. An LED display is an easy and effective way to communicate with the school community.
3. Present Innovation
Your school may be splurging a fortune on top-notch technology within the classroom, but people driving by the walls of your school may never be aware of the happenings inside the premises. Therefore, investing in digital signage presents a tech-savvy front for your school. Show everyone what a great school you have and the technology you are using inside!
4. Ensure the Safety of Students
Any unprecedented occurrence can compromise the security of your school. A fire may break out spontaneously in the cafeteria, a suspicious stranger is suspected of lurking in the school premises, there is a threat of imminent violence or crime, or the school needs to evacuated due to a severe weather condition, a mass response LED sign can be used to broadcast safety announcement in a matter of seconds.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Humorous Appeal: Adding Amusing Messages to Your Sign

Adding humor is a great way to break through the clutter via effective signage, and there are solid reasons why. It is believed to be one of the most powerful tools in gaining attention, engaging consumers and aiding recalls.

Does humor work best for all?

No it doesn’t. As the same rule can’t be applied to all, so can’t humor.

Humor appeal is largely determined by what you are selling. What works best for others, may not work well for you. For example, a company campaigning for breast cancer awareness with a humorous appeal, may negatively influence the sentiments of the people struggling with cancer.

Creating an outstanding sign 

Before leaping onto why it works, here are some of the most commonly used techniques by companies to sell their products.

Comparison: Technique with the involvement of putting two or more components together to develop a humorous appeal. Best to use when the focus is to provide solutions to an existing problem.

Personification: This technique works best when you try to achieve positivity by attributing human characteristics with things to attract youth.

Sarcasm: This technique involves usually promoting embarrassing situations, habits of a person etc to target the core audience. Making them seem funny and enjoyable is the objective.

Silliness: Simply put, silliness refers to a ridiculous situation, incident or occurrence.  Making signs seem silly on purpose to make people laugh is an art of advertising. Highlighting the silliness in advertisements/signs, especially to market luxury or personal use products, is very popular tactic among marketing gurus.

Exaggeration: Exaggeration technique refers to the extension of any given situation in order to focus on one key element. ‘We sell the best’ slogans are made using this technique.

Adding humor to your signs: Benefits

Competitive Advantage Over Others: Adding humor to your signs makes it easily distinguishable from the clutter, with a greater impact. It provides you with the competitive advantage your product needs to sell more.

Source of Instant Entertainment: The most important advantage of humorous signs is that they attract instant attention. This is how it works. Humor triggers your memory to feel something. It enables you to laugh, giggle, or be amused, arousing a response, thus increasing the likelihood of the product to be remembered.

Aids Comprehension: Sometimes adverts are so overly decorated with messages that it becomes difficult to pick out what the product actually wants to deliver. This leads to failed advertising and ultimately a failed product. Humor on the other hand, is simpler to grasp and understand. Humorous signs may increase the likelihood of the consumer to buy your product as it creates a positive vibe and a more personal connection.

Conventional outdoor advertising is losing its spark in today’s world. In order to regain visibility of our business, it is important to come up with innovative ways that are easy to attract and encourages buying decisions of the consumers. Humorous advertising, if done correctly, can reap fruitful trophies for your business.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Research Study Reveals Digital Billboards are Attractive

Owing to the growing glamour of “digital billboards” around the United States and the world at large, the Outdoor Senior Research Architect- OAAA commissioned Diane Williams from Nielsen in 2015 to do an on location survey that would justify to media sellers or advertisers that digital billboards create a positive impact on consumers. Nielsen conducted exactly 1,256 online surveys with residents age 18 and over from five major cities in the US. The study outlined the straightforward benefits of using digital billboards to advertise businesses through benchmark research. The following were the findings of the research:

How Often Do Travelers Notice Digital Billboards?

Nielsen conducted the research in a busy market for a month where digital billboards are widely seen. The researchers mapped the signage in the test market and screened the survey respondents that noticed the billboards.

After the survey, three-quarters of the travelers reported that they recalled digital billboards that they saw in the past month and 6 in 10 respondents recalled seeing those digital billboards in the last week. This wasn’t all. Of the respondents who recalled the digital survey, 55% also also noticed the message displayed on the screen.

Can Viewers Recall Some Specific Ads On Digital Billboards?

According to the research, the answer is yes. For the benchmark study, Nielsen tested about 30 billboard campaigns, in which six brands with regular rotating ads on the billboards for each market were picked. The survey showed that 80%, 77%, and 89% of the local travelers of Atlanta, Phoenix, and Tampa respectively, noticed at least one of the six tested ads in the past months. The ads featured a sports television broadcast, a local casino, and a local lottery in their messages. Other markets were also targeted in the research.

In a nutshell, the findings revealed that the most of the respondents noticed particular messages as opposed to digital billboards that they saw in the last month.

Do Digital Billboards Engage Consumers?

Some of the subjects of the study showed results that weren’t even expected as much as they showed up, or more explicitly, ended up as “Breaking News”. Over 50% of the total respondents were asked about the effectiveness of digital billboards, and they responded with statements such as “cool way”, “good way to learn”, or “visually appealing”. Boom!

As far as consumer engagement is concerned, the study showed that about 36% of the people who noticed digital billboards in the past month either passed the information on to their acquaintances or recommended them after actually visiting the business, restaurant, or store that was advertised. It’s not only that people attended the event or visited the venue but they also followed the suggestion and made a purchase.

The study also showed that although digital billboards are an offline medium from the consumer’s point of view, they actually do prompt viewers to take online action, as around 16-18% of the digital billboard viewers in the last month actually visited the businesses’ websites. This shows that digital billboards are not only trending these days but also bring real-world benefits in the long run.