Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Buy a LED Display

To boost sales and enhance the popularity of your business, installing a dynamic LED sign can be a great marketing medium in the digital age. However, given the investment required, it is not an easy decision. Selection of an LED sign should be driven by the nature of the organizational goals you are trying to achieve and the finances put aside for marketing. It’s indispensable to find a reputable retailer who can deliver an impeccable combination of image quality, durability, service and cost of ownership. An informed buyer is well equipped with the necessary questions to ask and concerns to mouth when purchasing an LED display. Here’s what you should know before making the big transaction:
1) Survey Your Location
You may be in a quandary about the type of LED display you need. It is imperative to get a feel of your location and its advantages or challenges. Take a look at the signs in your neighborhood and decide how you want to stand out among existing competition. E.g. if monochrome displays are used by neighboring businesses, a full color display will set your business apart. 
Also take stock of the best lanes and streets of traffic in the vicinity, obstacles in the sign’s line of sight, best height, distance of signage from the street and viewing distance. Research the laws for electronic signs in your area. What, if any, are the restrictions? Many towns have specific regulations about the type or size of outdoor signs businesses may erect. If local rules forbid you from putting up a sign, you need to apply for a variance.
2) Determine Your Budget
Your LED sign is your foremost advertising tool. Check your advertising budget and determine you expected return on investment. It is wise to establish the amount you are willing to spend or the maximum monthly payment if you are financing. Leasing options can generally be obtained without having to indicate a specific make or model of sign ahead of time. Also incorporate the cost of taxes, permits, installation and training for your LED in your marketing expenses.
3) Know the Brand
Many companies claim to have the lowest prices and best in-stock LED signs but may end up supplying inferior product with no support. It is relevant to run a background check on the company and determine how long has it been involved in the business of digital signage. 
Another factor to consider is if the company manufactures its own signs or purchases cheap, imported ones and rebrands them as their own. You will often find faster turnaround, higher quality execution, and better pricing when working with a company specializing in LED signs for a commendable period. Always be open with your provider about the size, resolution and type of LED you have envisaged for your business.
4) Ease of Operation
Unless the owner is tech-savvy, operating the LED software for the first time can be daunting. The value of LED message centers lies in the flexibility of the medium and the ability to change messages quickly and frequently. So, it’s important that sign owners can easily create and update messages. Although the provider may claim their software is user-friendly, you won’t know till you use it yourself. Ask to take the software for a test run. Ask what’s included with the software, and take a look at the artwork they offer!

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