Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LED Signs for Schools

Schools need a means of instant communication with the students to operate efficiently, as they are a hotbed of activity, such as sports games, club announcements, plays, fund raisers, safety warnings, and a plethora of other events that need to be shared with the students and the parents within the community. Bid adieu to rustic blow away message boards, or flyers which are cost-intensive and might be lost, since schools are increasingly incorporating large LED display boards to increase the outreach and visibility of all important messages.

Here’s how LED signs enhance the effectiveness of communications in schools:

1. Cost-Effective LED signs
Old-fashioned marquee signs with changeable letters are not feasible anymore and are prone to theft and vandalism. Indoor or outdoor LED signs are not only attractive and easier to read, but also have a useful life of more than 10 years. As LED signs are brighter than LCD or plasma displays, while only using 10% of the energy as compared to incandescent bulbs, their animation and vibrancy attract attention and create awareness. Although the initial investment may come as a surprise, the return on investment makes up for it.

2. Display Important Announcements

LED signs enable schools to inform students, faculty, and the community about a variety of information: welcome and guide campus visitors, broadcast safety alerts, weather warnings and other safety instructions, announce any schedule changes and cancellations, promote student activities, school spirit and achievements, advertise the auditioning for extracurricular clubs, attract community members to get involved in school activities, issue public notification of school events, display motivational quotes to inspire students, flash the motto of the school to passersby and promote the school on an innovative level. An LED display is an easy and effective way to communicate with the school community.
3. Present Innovation
Your school may be splurging a fortune on top-notch technology within the classroom, but people driving by the walls of your school may never be aware of the happenings inside the premises. Therefore, investing in digital signage presents a tech-savvy front for your school. Show everyone what a great school you have and the technology you are using inside!
4. Ensure the Safety of Students
Any unprecedented occurrence can compromise the security of your school. A fire may break out spontaneously in the cafeteria, a suspicious stranger is suspected of lurking in the school premises, there is a threat of imminent violence or crime, or the school needs to evacuated due to a severe weather condition, a mass response LED sign can be used to broadcast safety announcement in a matter of seconds.  

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