Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Research Study Reveals Digital Billboards are Attractive

Owing to the growing glamour of “digital billboards” around the United States and the world at large, the Outdoor Senior Research Architect- OAAA commissioned Diane Williams from Nielsen in 2015 to do an on location survey that would justify to media sellers or advertisers that digital billboards create a positive impact on consumers. Nielsen conducted exactly 1,256 online surveys with residents age 18 and over from five major cities in the US. The study outlined the straightforward benefits of using digital billboards to advertise businesses through benchmark research. The following were the findings of the research:

How Often Do Travelers Notice Digital Billboards?

Nielsen conducted the research in a busy market for a month where digital billboards are widely seen. The researchers mapped the signage in the test market and screened the survey respondents that noticed the billboards.

After the survey, three-quarters of the travelers reported that they recalled digital billboards that they saw in the past month and 6 in 10 respondents recalled seeing those digital billboards in the last week. This wasn’t all. Of the respondents who recalled the digital survey, 55% also also noticed the message displayed on the screen.

Can Viewers Recall Some Specific Ads On Digital Billboards?

According to the research, the answer is yes. For the benchmark study, Nielsen tested about 30 billboard campaigns, in which six brands with regular rotating ads on the billboards for each market were picked. The survey showed that 80%, 77%, and 89% of the local travelers of Atlanta, Phoenix, and Tampa respectively, noticed at least one of the six tested ads in the past months. The ads featured a sports television broadcast, a local casino, and a local lottery in their messages. Other markets were also targeted in the research.

In a nutshell, the findings revealed that the most of the respondents noticed particular messages as opposed to digital billboards that they saw in the last month.

Do Digital Billboards Engage Consumers?

Some of the subjects of the study showed results that weren’t even expected as much as they showed up, or more explicitly, ended up as “Breaking News”. Over 50% of the total respondents were asked about the effectiveness of digital billboards, and they responded with statements such as “cool way”, “good way to learn”, or “visually appealing”. Boom!

As far as consumer engagement is concerned, the study showed that about 36% of the people who noticed digital billboards in the past month either passed the information on to their acquaintances or recommended them after actually visiting the business, restaurant, or store that was advertised. It’s not only that people attended the event or visited the venue but they also followed the suggestion and made a purchase.

The study also showed that although digital billboards are an offline medium from the consumer’s point of view, they actually do prompt viewers to take online action, as around 16-18% of the digital billboard viewers in the last month actually visited the businesses’ websites. This shows that digital billboards are not only trending these days but also bring real-world benefits in the long run.

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