Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips to Keep Your LED Sign Updated

LED signage is a fun and cost-effective way of marketing a business enterprise today. If you as a business owner want to stay ahead of competitors, you must use the right promotion tools to market your business. LED signage will do just that in a very fun and effective way, boosting sales and helping you grow your consumer base.

However, the general perception towards LED signs is that they are a ‘one-time fix’ – this is far from the truth. They require constant involvement in terms of content, color adjustment, and the right graphics to position your brand just right and drive sales.

Following are some key areas that you need to work upon and tips to keep your LED sign updated to make the most of them.

Invest in the Best: Make sure that the hardware you are purchasing for your signage is of high-quality. Purchasing cheaper signage to save money will only become a pain later with all the additional repairs and maintenance to keep it operational. Good LED signs come with better power supplies, quality pitch, and have a relatively longer lifespan which will save you from the trouble later.
Regular Checkups: If you have decided to invest in dynamic signage options, ensure that sufficient care is being taken to keep it running optimally. Inactivity of an LED sign can be the death of your business. You cannot ignore repairs and maintenance if you are looking to grow your business in terms of market share. There are times when, due to some electrical or digital failures, the sign stops functioning. Conduct immediate repairs; non-operational signage may give the impression that your business is closed.
Creative Content: When it comes to boosting sales with a LED sign, this particular aspect is stressed time and again. Content is king – fresh, regularly updated, and interesting content goes a long way in engaging potential customers. Going for themes that can be frequently updated will be appreciated. Your local sports team won? Show support with your LED signs. A disaster struck? Signs that say we are with you will help you form a bond with your customers on an emotional level. Also, don’t forget to put an appropriate call to action in your LED signage to drive sales further.
The Right Color Codes: With every business today opting for digital technologies to advertise, you will need to employ appropriate color schemes to stand out. .From a great distance, people get to see high-contrast messages clearly, while messages with low-contrasting colors tend to blend together and are hard to read. What are contrasting colors? Think colors on the opposite side of the color wheel such as:
  • Blue on Yellow
  • Red on Blue
Or use a color with a neutral such as:
  • Yellow on Black
  • White on Blue
If you still want to use low contrast colors, outline the letters in white or black, however, the high contrast colors not only make for easy to read messages they attract attention. This is the key to get the most marketing power out of your color choices. Appealing content will be of no use if the consumers are unable to see it properly. Therefore, do your research well and put a lot of thought into choosing contrasting colors.
Wrapping up, LED signs are a great way to attract attention of passersby, so make sure you succeed in creating the right impression.

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