Monday, December 30, 2013

The Importance of Electronic Display Signage

In business there are four vital P’s that should be kept in mind when starting up a new business or expanding an existing one, and these four P’s are product, price, place and promotion. The first step in achieving a good promotion is making your business known through creative and attractive signage. There is a reason the global fast food giant McDonald's spends on average $40,000 on signage in each store and has the signage installed even before the physical store is built. They know that promotion is an integral part of any business's success and the best method to do that is through signage. After all, who hasn't com,e to associate the stylized M know as the Golden Arches with this corporate giant? In today's era of technology, McDonald's joins savvy corporations the world over who are embracing the power of electronic display signage with visually rich content.
What is Electronic Display Signage?
Electronic Display signs are the latest buzz in the advertising world. They are electronic screens that keep consumers informed, entertained and educated about a business by displaying visually arresting and media rich content to its intended audience. These devices are usually found in front of retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings. Famous locations that house hundreds of electronic display signs are Times Square in New York and the Tokyo Square in Shibuya, Japan.
Why use Electronic Display Signs?
Not all businesses have allotted huge portions of their capital for advertising. However, every businesses that sets aside money for marketing campaigns wants to ensure they receive maximum exposure and wide information dissemination. These can be accomplished by installing electronic display signs. These are the advantages:
  • Reduced advertising cost. It may start out as an investment because of the higher initial costs required in the outlay of the sign, but in the long run it will pay for itself with increased profitability and financial health in comparison to traditional forms of advertising like print or radio.
  • Flexibility. LED signs come in all shapes and sizes. From large billboards lining interstates to small single line message boards at your local convenience store. There is an LED display to fit any business budget.
  • Attracts attention. With it's dancing lights and media rich content, electronic signs attract attention.
  • Content can easily be updated, so when new campaigns rise, you can easily upload it via the world wide web with just a click of a mouse.
Electronic signs have definitely changed the way advertisements work and businesses are scrambling to get the latest electronic sign. Don’t you think it’s about time your business installed one? 

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