Friday, January 18, 2013

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month

January is National Clean Up Your Computer month. With the flu bug raging,  it's a good time to clean up your computer on the inside and out. There are several tasks I do to keep my computer humming along, so I thought I'd share those with you. I use a small vacuum cleaner for my keyboard, canned air for the inside of the case and microfiber cloths with a touch of soap and water to clean plastic parts and keyboards.

Some additional things you can do:
* For a Microsoft Windows based system, run a registry cleaner
* Install an anti-virus software
* Organize your documents; delete ones you no longer need.
* Install the latest updates for your software or drivers.
* Delete old log files.

Studies have shown that computer keyboards are 400X dirtier than average public toilets. This is easily explained by the fact that public toilets seat are generally cleaned once a day, and you probably only clean your keyboard once a year. Moreover, how many times do you clean your hands before using a keyboard ? How many people use your keyboard ? Regularly disinfecting and cleaning your office equipment helps prevent viruses from spreading and improves your equipment’s performance.

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