Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LED Signs Benefit Retailers

Traditional zip-change reader boards are being replaced with modern programmable LED display signs. The old reader boards are a maintenace nightmare. Burnt out light bulbs must be replaced, letters aren't visible at night or from a distance. Letters have to be manually changed everytime you want to display a new message, thats if the letters needed are even available and haven't fallen off or blown away. In the twenty-first century zip-change boards are going the way of the black and white TV.

Savy retailers wanting to ensure they present a professional image are turning to electronic LED display signs for their high visability, energy efficenty, carefree service and ease of use. LED signs provide great visibility from a varity of distances. Lettering can be resized, to provide optimal viewing based on traffiic speed and viewing time. Signs can be programmed to automatically adjust light intensity so that the best visibility of images is presented day or night.

Not only do LED signs help to make retailors more visible to the public, but they are also energy efficient, saving retailers money. Low maintenace costs and energy bills make for a win win situation. It’s easy to convince retailers that an LED sign can provide increased visibility with limited  operating expenses, but they start to get suspicious about its benefits when it come to its operation and programming. Fortunately, todays LED sign use intuitive and easy to use software that can have most people able to update content in minutes with little or no training.

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