Friday, August 7, 2015

How Poor Quality LED Signs Can Affect Your Bottom Line

When deciding to look for a new LED sign for your business, it is important to consider several aspects to ensure that you get the very best one. Ask yourself' “What is the best product?  What will give you the best value for your money? What support does it come with? Does it come with a warranty?"  When it comes to buying other things like, say, TVs or microwaves, you can easily check for reviews online and it makes the job of choosing that much easier. When it comes to LED signs though, it becomes much trickier since there are actually very few reviews.
What happens is that you will have to rely on your own research, your gut, and the information fed to you by an eager salesman. Many times, you will find offers for products that allow you to “buy direct” or “get the same sign at half the cost” and they are tempting, no doubt about that. But they are inferior products. 
Inferior LED Signs
Most people would settle for poor-quality LED signs thinking that they could use the money saved on the purchase to buy a new one when the one they have breaks down in a year or two. But poor-quality LED signs do not wait one year or two to stop working. No, they break down continuously until they just finally die. Check out some of the costs associated with poor quality LED signs below
Service Costs
Digital signs are not like your mobile phones or cars where you bring them to the shop and they can fix them for you in a jiffy. These signs are high up in the ground and you will need a truck with a bucket to get to them and fix them. Average costs are listed as follows:
  • Charge for standard bucket truck with technician - $150/hour and usually takes 2 hrs.
  • Extended bucket or crane with technician - $250/hour and usually takes 2 hours.
  • Service for sign troubleshooting - $450-$750 and usually takes 2-3 hours.
There are others involved but as you can see, it gets very pricey and there goes all the money you saved on your poor-quality LED sign. Some of you might insist that you get your cheap signs from companies that do not charge for service, but what if they go out of business or are slow to respond? You will be left with a sign that does not work.
Other Costs Related to Poor-Quality LED Signs
If you are using your signs in your business and your signs go on the blink, you will essentially lose money because you are not drawing people into your business with your signs. Time is money in business, and when your sign is on the blink and you waste time getting it fixed, then you will be wasting money all the same. First impressions are everything in business and if you have a sign that is not working for periods on end, what impression does that give passer-bys about your company? Nothing good I can assure you. Keep in mind that cheap is not always best and spending a little bit more can help you save a lot of money and headaches.

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