Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Go Green and Save Some Green with LED Signage

One of the major buzzwords of this age is “green” in the sense that everyone is thinking energy conservation and reducing their carbon footprint. New products are being developed to reduce energy consumption and costs. It really is a great movement that is bound to produce the best results for people and the environment in the long run. When it comes to going green, every little bit counts. Even the sign industry is going green.
Greening Your Signs
As the world veers closer and closer to an energy crises, a big concern for business owners is how they can save money by cutting down on energy consumption with the use of more efficient equipment. Experts are hard at work in coming up with newer and better technology that are more energy-efficient. LED diodes are one of the technologies that is having a major impact in reducing energy consumption.
Most people will agree that when it comes to any electric equipment they buy, it all goes down to how much power they consume at the end of the day. Any equipment that consumes massive amounts of power will hurt the business budget and add to overall operating costs—no frugal business owner wants this. When it comes to selecting a business sign and going Green, LEDs makes good sense for the ratio of power input to light output.
LED Lights and Reduced Power Usage
Modern day LED diodes are true winners because they consume a lot less energy as compared to incandescent light bulbs. This is why LED diodes are utilized in LED boards that are gaining widespread use across all industries. Normal signage solutions are known to consume up to 3x more power as compared to LED signs that are of a similar size. With the world going crazy for the “Go Green” slogan, it just makes economic sense why LED signs are quickly gaining a following and slowly but surely taking the place of traditional reader boards.
Using Digital LED Billboards
It is clear that LED displays cut down on power consumption and offer major savings to businesses that use them, but just how effective are they when viewed from a marketing perspective? It is a given that they are marvelous when it comes to displaying messages from the company but it is also important to note that in marketing, the medium is the message and using LED signs can send your customers the message that you took great pains to use power-saving options to deliver your business message to them.
Another thing that adds to the points in favor of LED signs is that they are sturdy and LED diodes take a good long while to die as opposed to more traditional bulbs used for signs. Granted, you may pay more for an LED sign at the very beginning but once you see how much money you save in your electric bill, and how your sales increase to the reliable advertising, you will see that the initial investment is well worth it. In fact, the return on investment for LED signs is very quick so you will emerge a winner in more ways than one with this green signage option.  

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