Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changeable Marquee Sign with Blow Away Letters

You want your business to grow. You have something to sell. Is your marquee business sign communicating this to the traffic driving past your location day after day? Is your message getting noticed? Or is your business being passed by because the old blow away letters are not presenting a professional image. Perhaps it’s time to make a change.
Why do we call them blow away letters? Because they blow away (or get stolen). Another terrible problem never seem to have enough characters. Most changeable letter kits provide more vowels and primary consonants than the lesser used alphabet. But if they give you more of one character it is at the expense of another. Most sign writers resort to being creative and turning their P’s upside down for B’s, or add some black tape to an F to make an E.
What is the solution? 
Here are 2 strategies you can use to eliminate this problem...
  1. buy a larger character kit
  2. buy an Electronic Message Center and present a professional image.

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