Monday, October 28, 2013

Completion of LED Sign Project for the Islamic Council of America

LED Sign Authority continues to maintain their reputation for success by installing a pole mounted LED and identity signage to help the Council effectively share up coming events with the community.
LED Sign Authority  spokesperson Matthew Severson announced the completion of another successful project. The Islamic Council of America purchased a new LED Sign measuring 2.5' x 5.9' featuring a 16mm Full Color  48X112 Matrix Double Face Display in Dearborn, Michigan to increase attendance and exposure for their mosque. The LED sign displays lectures and prayer times as well as other pertinent information for the community of Dearborn.
Matthew Severson of LED Sign Authority explained, "For this project, the services we rendered were identification sign manufacturing, LED sign manufacturing, complete sign installation, comprehensive software training and technical support."
Dearborn, a city of nearly 100,000 people that borders Detroit’s west side, is home to the country’s largest Arab-American population by proportion, with 40 percent of the city’s population being of Arab descent. Dearborn is in many ways a typical American city, with the only discernible difference being many of the storefront signs are written in English and Arabic. Needing an effective method of conveying important information to the community, the Islamic Council of America turned to LED Sign Authority for its signage needs. As a local Michigan company, LED Sign Authority has provided signs and billboards for a number of businesses and communities throughout the surrounding areas.
When asked if they were excited about their new LED Sign Authority Display, Mahmoud Sobh, Council member said, "Yes, we are." The Islamic Council had a new identification sign, as well as a new LED display installed. LED Sign Authority poured foundation footings and performed the new installation. Mahmoud and the rest of the Islamic Council of America are very pleased with the end result and looking to install a larger LED display at another location.
Matthew Severson concluded, "civic organizations need to keep community residents and visitors well informed regarding any number of facts, and a LED display is the perfect way to spread such information. Organizations use our displays for public service announcements, conveying volunteer opportunities, encouraging participation in events, notifying the public of amber alerts and countless other purposes."

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