Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Small Town Business Owners Find Value in EMCs

A recent pilot study conducted by Professor Van Bulck of the University of South Carolina-Sumter found Outdoor LED Message Centers to be cost effective, easy to use and increased business regardless of the size of the sign or type of business.

Generally we think of EMCs being located in large metropolitan areas, but even the small town business owner can benefit from the installation of an EMC. More than 86% of small town business owners said the LED signs "help bring in more customers" and 83% said the signs "increased sales".
LED message signs are an effective outdoor advertising tool and 86% of small town business owners found "LED signs made people more aware of the location of their store" The more exposure your business receives through your sign, the more you can increase traffic and sales.  Not surprisingly double sided signs where found to be more effective than single sided signs.
Part of surving in a small town is competing with the world. Small business owners don't have deep pockets to develop big advertising campaigns. Their advertising dollar must work hard and achieve top results. EMCs have been proven time and again to be an cost effective method of advertising no matter what your business or where it is located.


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  2. I love the look of a good Led Signs. Looks like you guys have done some nice work too!