Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Federal Grant Money for LED Signs and Trailers

AdsUp Trailer

Did you know that Federal Grant money is once again available for the purchase of a LED Sign, if it is used by a Fire Department? This includes the purchase of our Fire Edition AdsUp LED Trailer. Grants are available yearly to help Fire Departments meet their emergency response equipment needs. In 2010, FEMA awarded $380 million for new vehicle aquisitions and training. Other agencies offering grants for Fire Departments include the US Forest Service, Rural Housing Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as private groups like the First Responder Institute. 
Fire Departments can and should apply for grants. Grant money is a great way to recoup some dollars you are spending that you don’t need to. If you would like more information on our AdsUp LED trailer, please contact an LED Sign Authority associate.


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