Friday, November 25, 2011

LED Sign Viewing Distance

At what distance will your LED sign be viewed? And at what angle? This will help you determine the correct message display character height and minimum pitch required to produce an image that is crisp and lifelike. Longer distances require less resolution and shorter distances require more resolution. If you are traveling 55mph on a freeway and the LED message sign is 600 feet away at a truck stop, the LED message text letters must be at least 20 inches tall to be legible. If you are standing 60 feet away from a LED sign, the message letters need only be 2 inches tall to be legible.

Resolution is the most important factor affecting the cost of your LED sign. More resolution means more diodes and more circuits, which usually means higher cost. How do you determine the resolution of an LED sign? Pitch is the distance between one diode and another. The SMALLER the pitch the HIGHER the resolution. You are probably not a sign expert, but we can give you the knowledge you need on distance and angle to ensure your site and LED sign match up correctly.


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  2. We have a great viewing distance tool you can use here: Sign Tool