Friday, January 6, 2012

On Site Certification

Don't end up pulling your hair out because your Outdoor LED Sign was not installed properly or you are not familiar with the sign software.

LED Sign Authority's On-site Certification Service provides the following on site activities on our outdoor LED displays.
  • Unpack systems and components.
  • Verify receipt and condition of all boxes and components.
  • Verify the availability of customer-provided physical site and power.
  • Verify product serial numbers match packing list.
  • Check and make sure that the voltage setting is correct before powering up the system.
  • Test all accessories for correct operation
  • Install software and configure sign to work seamlessly within your network.
  • Subject to time availability, our consultant will provide you as much Customer Orientation in using your LED Sign and software as is possible within the 8-Hour onsite service.

LED Sign Authority offers an optional On-site Certification Service and Customer Orientation that is hassle free and affordable. For businesses, it provides comforting reassurance that their installer has done the job correctly. As an added benefit, customers also receive orientation and software training saving valuable time and money by increasing the amount of hands-on personal learning.

At the conclusion of the Customer Orientation you should have gained an overall greater knowledge and appreciation of your new LED Sign. On-site Orientation is the perfect choice for companies that need to train groups of employees. You get a maximum number of employees trained in a minimal amount of time for one flat fee. They receive the same message at the same time, creating synergy to the learning experience that gets everyone “on the same page”. LED Sign Authority can ensure that the sign setup is tailored to your specific needs and make recommendations for improvement. Investing in the installation of your LED Sign is extremely important and LED Sign Authority understands that.

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